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Sports Tours, Music and Travel to Argentina is the principle focus of our business.

Playargentina works specifically with English speaking clients that want support and advice regarding all aspects of tourism throughout Argentina.

Playargentina works in partnership with Pop Tours, a fully certified agency registered with the tourism secretary of Argentina. We offer professional tourism services àt surperb prices through a network or tried and tested operators in Argentina equipped with the necessary skills and attributes to cater for English speaking clients.

We coordinate high quality, hassle free sport and music tours to Argentina on behalf of sports clubs, schools, universities, choirs and orchestras that are looking to benefit from first class venues and travel destinations at excellent value for money.

Our Team Sports Tours span across a number of sports to include Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball and Polo.

Our Sport Tours to Argentina are tailor made to suit all levels of ability, age and experience. According to the needs and demands of our clients, each tour is custom made to ensure what is expected is delivered whether that be an intensive sport tour or more social... the choice is yours !

Music Tours to Argentina are hugely popular. The main draw being the appreciative audiences and turnouts in large numbers. We cater music tours for choirs, orchestras and jazz bands. Venues range from local schools, churches and music theatres. Where possible, we arrange joint performances with Argentine music groups to enhance the cultural exchange and interaction.

Instrument rental is also a service we provide to minimise the hassle and expense of travelling with bulky instruments.
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