Playargentina Sport and Travel was founded in 2006 by a team comprised of English and Argentine partners that all shared a passion for sport, music and travel.

Since its inception, Playargentina has operated over 200 tours representing tour companies worldwide.
Our reputation for high quality tours has propelled us to being the Number 1 Sport and Music Tour Operator in South America.
Our core business is divided into two categories:

Why Playargentina?

The benefits of an Anglo-Argentine management team are combing the knowledge of local culture and working practices with an international business background and thereby delivering a hassle free trading partnership, both in the planning and operating stages of the tour.

Doing Business in South America?

Clear and prompt communication is key to business relationships on a continent notorious for poor efficiencies.
We make no last minute changes that compromise our tours.
Every year, we set our exchange rates on a specific date, meaning that regardless of how the market may change, we maintain our pricing.

How safe is South America?

The safety and welfare of all our groups is at the forefront of how we plan our itineraries. Safety Management is fundamental with every precaution put in place to ensure a trouble-free touring experience.